Disaster Relief Society Begins

October 15, 2023
A group of North Shuswap residents has set up the North Shuswap Disaster Relief Society to help connect funds that have been donated to local charities and non-profits, to the people that need it most. The initial board of directors includes:

  • Kris Jensen
  • Debbie Seymour
  • Doug Easterbrook
  • Ted Danyluk
  • Bill Holtby

All those who need a helping hand as a result of the fire are welcome to contact us, fill out the assessment form and hopefully get some of the help you need. Email us at info@nsdisasterrelief.ca

2 thoughts on “Disaster Relief Society Begins

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      What is your donation distribution policy?

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        We’re prioritizing on level of need right now. Helping those with no home, no insurance are currently the biggest need. Our directors go and visit each qualified family for a personal discussion of need and then bring it back to the board for discussion and hopefully approval. Funds are provided to local suppliers or service providers as opposed to cash to the individual.

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